Pilot call

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Application period is open for company pilot cases!

With the announcement of the AIKA ecosystem, we are also opening the first AIKA company pilot project call, which will be open until February 28, 2023. Our goal is to provide companies with support for business digitalisation and the opportunity to learn about the latest innovative solutions such as artificial intelligence, supercomputing and data analytics.

We are looking for company pilot projects in two categories, which are:

Development of digitalization and data-based business

We offer the companies selected in this category a baseline and maturity level assessment in the use of data, and we propose further measures for business development based on the assessments. The pilot projects can include practical implementation tests. AIKA experts (CSC and KAMK) support is available for the pilots.

Supercomputing experiment on the LUMI EuroHPC

In this category, we offer support to companies that want to get to know supercomputing (HPC high performance computing) in practice and test the possibilities of the LUMI EuroHPC supercomputer in their own product development and as business support. Free test capacity of the LUMI machine (so-called Try&Buy package) and expert help are offered for pilot projects. Test cases can be, for example, demanding data analytics and artificial intelligence applications. Examples of areas of use can be found here.

In all, 3-5 pilot projects will be selected and they are planned to be implemented before the beginning of July. The pilots to be implemented are selected based on their suitability, e.g. in category 2, taking into account the amount of work they require and the company’s starting level for high-performance computing. If there are more than 3-5 projects suitable for piloting, the selected pilots will be drawn, or some of the pilots can be moved to be implemented in the fall of 2023. In pilot projects, the free expert support for companies can be up to 1-2 person-months.

Send your application to the Pilot project call