Flights to Kajaani, Kainuu

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Flights to Kajaani, Kainuu

In spring 2021, the Danish regional airline DAT has taken over the contract to service the route between Kajaani and Helsinki. Below you’ll find more information and the timetables.

DAT is a family-owned airline based in Kolding, Denmark, operating domestic and regional routes in Denmark, Norway, Italy, Germany, Scotland, and now Finland. With more than 32 years of experience in the aviation industry, especially in Scandinavia, the company is ready to serve the route with focus on quality and flexibility and always affordable pricing.

DAT has a pre-existing commercial collaboration with Finnair, and this will be extended to include its new Kajaani-Helsinki service to offer a seamless connection to Finnair flights from Helsinki. An interline agreement between the companies will enable booking flights from Kajaani to any Finnair destination on, and checking luggage all the way to the destination of the Finnair connecting flight.

The connection between Kajaani and Helsinki will be flown 7 days a week with two flights each way on weekdays and one each way on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information please visit DAT website.