Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

Frequently asked questions

How can my company join AIKA ecosystem?

18.01.2023 10:00

You have basically two tracks to join AIKA ecosystem. First, we are looking for new companies to expand our expertise and offering in AIKA, and secondly target companies to utilize our services. If you are providing services, products or other expertise that you think would be beneficial for AIKA ecosystem, you can join us as a contributing member. We hope that joining us will offer you new business opportunities in a longer run.

On the other hand if you a need help in exploring the great possibilities of data in your business, we are ready to offer you our expertise and service through our ecosystem members. Our basic service offering can be found from the main page. A usual way to start cooperation is to set up an initial meeting to go through your needs and find out if we can help you.

To join us contact us here. If we agree you are a good fit to our ecosystem, we make a simple membership agreement, name your contact person, and add your company with short introduction to right partner category on AIKA web site.

I have an idea to utilize data in our business. Can you help?

17.01.2023 14:19

Yes, usually we can. Contact us here, and we will return to you for further steps. We will go through your idea and needs together with you, and suggest how to proceed. One way is to test your idea in a pilot project with our ecosystem partners and experts. We will help you in finding right experts and also with possible funding sources.

Is there a limit how big or small our need can be? Is there other limitations?

17.01.2023 09:00

Cooperation with AIKA partners can vary from short consultation meetings to pilot or development projects of various sizes. Depending on your needs and goals, we can proceed in joint public funded projects including several partners, or in more focused confidential projects. In public funded projects the results must usually be public. There are also some restrictions in using CSC’s computing environments for company specific projects especially when results should be confidential, but also these restrictions are fading away with the new industrial access track of LUMI EuroHPC. Please, feel free to contact us, so that we can together find the best solution to support your needs.

How much does this cost?

17.01.2023 09:59

Becoming a partner in AIKA is free of charge at the moment. Membership agreement (letter of intent) is required for new partners. In cooperation projects the costs depend on the project type, size and the results targeted. Pilot projects can be implemented free of charge or with a small cost for new partners. Joint public funded R&D projects offer an easier and lower-cost way to get acquainted with the domain and partners, but if company specific work and results are needed, we recommend to negotiate a commercial company specific project order.

What is your track record? What have you done with data?

16.01.2023 13:49

Locally here in Kainuu region we have been helping several companies in exploring the possibilities of data. We have been working mostly with SMEs, but also with larger companies. Data and data analytics have also got increasing role in regional RDI projects of CEMIS. In these projects data analytics is applied in process control, predictive maintenance and sports measurements. In national and international level, CSC especially has a long history in data analytics, AI and supercomputing for research institutes and organisations, and in EU level cooperation (for more information visit here). However, on the whole we are just in the beginning of our journey in AIKA and we expect a fruitful and productive cooperation with our partners in the ecosystem.

I am interested in site visit in Kajaani? Can I visit and see your data center and labs?

16.01.2023 13:50

We are glad to host visits in Kajaani. If you want to visit KAMK or CEMIS laboratories at KAMK, the University of Oulu in Kajaani and the University of Jyväskylä in Vuokatti, use our contact form for arrangements.

Pick visiting time to LUMI supercomputer Visitor center

See the available visit times and suggest a suitable time for delegation visits to the LUMI EuroHPC data center. Visits are aimed at social influencers, companies, research institutions, higher education and various educational institutions and their students.